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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Mon Jan 15 2018  09:01am
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  Kaduna, Nigeria
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Updated on:  2/9/2018     
Tyler Perry
Real name of scammer: Dennis Ogbonnaya

I need you to believe becasue am I`m talking about fate here - when feelings are so powerful it`s as if some force byond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams.......#BOOM
You are the reason why I stay happy in life, Let me tag you as world`s greatest wife, Love you lots my sweetheart, Please don`t ever part!
You have always guided me when I was wrong, You are the force behind my success in life, A special thanks for being a wonderful human being, And a great wife!
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All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
Zoe1329       2/3/2018
There is a guy on facebook as well as instagram calling himself Albert Logan using the same photos as Jamesbrian48 , actually looking for a photo match brought me to this website ,,,
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One of the first things a scammer will do is to try and get you away from the site to chat with them on instant messenger. Scammers try to work very fast in most cases and IM is much faster than conversating through emails and web site messages.
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Another reason scammers want to get you away from the site is to keep you from seeing any warnings that may be posted on the profiles. Check profiles very carefully and pay attention to how they are written as opposed to how they talk on instant messanger.
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Many times, when someone you meet gives you their email address, you can find them on other sites by doing a search on your favorite search engine site. They could already be listed on a few scammer awareness sites like this one.