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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Thu Mar 02 2017  01:00pm
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Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Updated on:  7/9/2017     
Paul Ballanyte - Paul Newman Ballanyte
How was your night ? And I hope you dreamed about our future together ? I`m happy to write this mail to you.

Finally i have the opportunity to write you my first email. Its easy to send a few text messages back and forth but it can never be as detailed as its supposed to be like when i sit down and write to you my dear. This time i am more relaxed and i can talk in full details. I want you to know everything about me my dear. If there`s anything that had been left out, i`ll make up for it in my emails.. My Full name is Paul Ballanyte as you know...bla bla bla ...i do like to be called by my middle name which is Newman but you can just stick with Paul for now...lol....but everyone already calls me Paul Please, feel free to call me what ever you like, i still have other names though but you`ll get to know those special names soon ....lol...just kidding. Am 49yrs of age going on 50, thanks to God for keeping me safe, healthy and alive up till this day. Its so sad that I`m single...I will shed more light on that in my next email. I used to reside in London England before i relocated here in Baltimore Maryland I`m Self Employed, i work as a businessman into sales and supply of medical equipment`s. I used to work as a consultant and an independent contractor in the engineering field. and was very successful before the recession hit, it was so hard for me so i had to change my line of work since i had 2 majors and had taken a few professional courses, one in Engineering and geology and the other one is business administration and finance. Now my job description is broad. I deal in supplies of medical equipments machineries to various companies and i do handle different kinds of job contracts pertaining to this as well and many more. My job can be quite tedious cos sometimes it involves sales and supply as well but not that often, but hey!!!! I`ve got everything under control because am always up to the task. I am good at what i do and I am the SUPERMAN in my field of work...laughing....so call me THE SUPERMAN (MAN OF STEEL)

I have done various research and consulting in mineral/natural resources mostly the Agencies of Earth Science in Canada And United States, Europe would be nice as well so as to broaden and widen my scope but now i am concentrating on Asia and the United Arab Emirates, That`s a fast growing market to tap into...you might not understand much of these so don`t let me go too deep into my work life details...lol...I do like my job, though its not too time consuming for me because i have been in the business for a few years and i like to work alone. This is what I had dedicated most of my time to in recent years, most especially in recent times. It has been my refuge for quite a while cos i have been so lonely at heart but i thank God that my work-life has been great so far.

I also do charity work because i like to give back to the community and the world as a whole. The last charity work I was involved in was in the Philippines rendering help to the people that Lost their loved ones, houses, properties and so on. The Typhoon Hiayan was a disaster that broke my heart. It was a blessing to be able to help these poor people and i was glad that God put me in that position to do this.

Back to us now, I want you to know that what i am seeking is a long term relationship that may lead to a blissful union .

My good habits overshadows the bad ones even though we all have our good and bad habits. I have learnt in life that we should learn to accommodate each other, that way we would be in-separable.I will do my best to create a warm and tender atmosphere with special coziness whereby you can feel comfortable around me at all times, i like people who are free to express themselves easily and not holding anything back because in Life secrets are bad for an upcoming and growing relationship. Basically relationships in General....so i promise not to hide anything from you....i am like an open book. i can`t tell you how good i am or how loving i am...I have to show it to you, and that`s what am all out to do. I can assure you a 100% that i am who i say i am. I AM A MAN OF MY WORDS. There are so many interesting things about me that you`ll find out when we start spending time with each-other, i am fun and cool person to be with, and am hoping a special person like you would compliment me. You have nothing to worry about,i am a devoted man....i don`t start what i won`t or can`t finish. As we have both started this process or should i call it journey into something special, getting to know each-other....we will both get to the finish line together and i can already see the finishing line full of joy, happiness and smiles for both of us. I would be waiting to read from you. This is my first email to you so I pray it will be a positive response from you....I hope the interest you have in me will make you want to get to know me much more better....because right now my heart`s beating faster than normal. Take care and stay blessed.

Truly Yours,
Status: Widowed

Education: PhD
This is not going to be quite easy but when we know each other better would be easy for you to meet with me for Lunch sometime soon. I live an easy going and relaxed life, I have a good spirit even though I am not extremely spiritual I am a person who loves Nature, I am a family oriented person who would not mind starting a new one or accepting yours. I am very romantic, I would every now and then bring you brekkie in bed and Cook you a romantic dinner with or without the candles. Sitting out to a bottle of while and watching the sunset, or walking down to the park hand in hand are just a tip on the iceberg. Actions they say speak louder why not contact me lets set the ball in motiion towards a happily ever after relationship.
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All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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