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Make Pig Busters your default page
You can now make Pig Busters your default page when you sign in. You can set or change it any time in your Account settings. Or click  HERE  to set it now. This does not change your home page on your browser, it only sets the home page of this site after signing in.
We are not on any social or dating sites
You're IT! is a social site that is part of Pig Busters scammer awareness site. We are not on any of the social or dating sites and are not a member of any group on the social or dating sites. We do have old profiles on some sites and the sites refuse to remove them but we are not active and cannot even access the accounts. If anyone contacts you from a social or dating site or a group on a social or dating site claiming to be Pig Busters, it is not us. We have Members of You're IT! and Scam Busters on Pig Busters that help by reporting scammers to us they find on other sites but we do not use the sites in any form to promote You're IT! or Pig Busters and we do not promote or recommend any social or dating web sites.
ZERO tolerance
We have a ZERO tolerance for porn, spam, scammers, harassment or anything considered abusive and vulgar. The site uses moderators that diligently enforce this policy as we believe this is something that is long, long overdue in the world of online social networking.